Sunday, August 1, 2010

August: The Resurrection, Judgment, and Immortality

The time will come when all of us will be resurrected, to stand before the judgment bar and be judged according to our thoughts and works. Our spirits, which have been dwelling in The Spirit World will be united with a perfect, resurrected body. Our bodies and our spirits will never again be separated.

Everyone who has ever lived on the earth will be resurrected. "Immortality is a free gift to all people, whether they are righteous or wicked." (Preach My Gospel, pp. 53). However, not everyone will have the opportunity to have Eternal Life, which is "a gift of God given only to those who obey His Gospel" (Preach my Gospel, pp. 53). Eternal life is the privilege of living with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ forever, and this can only be given to those who have lived worthy of it.

The final judgment with which we go through once we are resurrected determines whether or not we are worthy of receiving this gift. Because Jesus Christ will be our judge, we can know of a surety that our judgment will be just and fair.

An explanation of what happens after the final judgment will be given in next month's post

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