Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Book of Mormon Answers Questions of the Soul

President Ezra Taft Benson said that..... "(The Book of Mormon) answers the great questions of the soul" ("Flooding the Earth with the Book of Mormon," Ensign, Nov. 1988, 5).

"The great questions of the soul" may include such questions as these: Is there really a God? Did I exist before I was born? Will I live after I die? What is the purpose of life? Is Jesus really the Savior?

Other questions may focus on more temporal needs: How can I improve my relationship with my spouse? How can I help my teenagers avoid drugs or immorality? How can I find work to support my family?

The gospel of Jesus Christ helps us answer both kinds of questions. As we gain faith that the Book of Mormon is true, we can begin to answer questions about the purpose of life and the hope of eternal life. The Book of Mormon describes the plan of happiness, which gives meaning and perspective to life. Answers to questions such as the following are clearly taught in the Book of Mormon:

* Is there a God? (Alma 22)
* What does Jesus Christ expect of me? (2 Nephi 9)
* How can a belief in Jesus Christ help me? (Alma 36)
* Is there life after death? (Alma 40)
* What is the purpose of life? (Alma 34)
* Why does God allow evil and suffering to occur? (2 Nephi 2; Alma 14:9 - 11; 60:13)
* Does my infant need to be baptized? (Moroni 8)
* Does God know me? (Alma 5:38, 58)
* Does God answer prayers? (Enos 1)
* How can I find peace and joy? (Mosiah 2, 4)
* How can my family be happier and more united? (Mosiah 2)
* How can I balance my family and career? (3 Nephi 13)
* How can I strengthen my relationship with my spouse? (3 Nephi 14)
* How can I avoid the evils that threaten my family? (Alma 39)
* How can I avoid sin? (Helaman 5)

As we read the Book of Mormon with the guidance of the Spirit, it helps us answer personal questions. It teaches taht prayer and revelation are the kay to solving particular problems. It helps us have faith that God will answer our prayers.

(Taken from "Preach My Gospel", pp. 107)

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